V-TAC saves for the fund "I'm a human, too"

How nice would it be if you find a way to save every month from household spending, right? And without compromising at the expense of quality. It is enough to choose the right lighting and imperceptibly the fund "I’m a human, too" will increase significantly.

V-TAC for a more beautiful hair color

Has it happened to you when you goto a hairdresser after work, to getyour hair painted in the desired color and to remain very pleased, but in the next morning you realize the the color is quite different? Suddenly, the slight purple hue that you liked the night before does not look much brighter, the shimmering blondes are actually yellow, and the red is not like a merlot but goes to orange. The lesson is not that the morning is wiser than the evening, or your imagination works only in the dark. The problem has a very simple and rational explanation and is due to the wrong artificial lighting.

Warning! Which lamps threaten our health?

The LED lighting of V-TAC saves more power than the energy-saving lighting and is not dangerous in case of breaking bulbs.

Incredible as it may sound, the bulbs in the room is responsible to a large extent not only for the tone and mood, but also for our health. Poor-quality artificial lighting could lead to depression, headaches, and a weakened immune system.

According to the German specialist in the problems of the impact of lighting on humans Alexander Vunsch, the presence of mercury in energy-saving bulbs can trigger hormonal changes in the body. Furthermore, although quite low, their ultraviolet radiation provokes dermatological problems in people with increased skin sensitivity, said the chairman of the European Society of Photodermatology prof. John Hawk. Other studies have concluded that phenol and harmful vapours, which are used in the production of economical bulbs, are emitted continuously when the lighting is on.

Led by the presumption that the price is a major criterion in the selection of lighting for home or office, many people prefer compact fluorescent lamps, known in this country as energy-saving models, but isn’t our health and safety in the first place? These bulbs should be sold with detailed instructions on the proper way in which consumers must act, if the product breaks. Then it becomes seriously dangerous, especially for children and pregnant women.

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